Keedysville Town Council

April 5, 2010

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00 pm with the following members present: Mayor Matt Hull, Council member Richard Walton and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Mayor Hull reported on reasons for absences of Council Members. He noted that Councilman Brumage had advised that he wouldn't be available 3 weeks prior. Councilman Smith was at National Guard training and Assistant Mayor Barry Levey was with his wife after her surgery.

Minutes from March 1, 2010 were read but not approved due to lack of quorum present.

The treasurer's report was as follows: $167,863.37.

Karen Gardner gave an update on the tree planting behind the Town Hall. She advised that the planting would take place on Saturday, April 17. She said she would approach the Salem Youth Group to see if any of the teens wanted to volunteer help.

Mayor Hull addressed the Bostetter Annexation. He was advised that the documents need to be signed. He asked the attendees if they would like a rundown of the annexation and no one requested that. He also offered that if any of the attendees would like more information they were welcome to contact him.

Mr. Bishop reported that Federal aid from FEMA might be made available for the back-to-back snow storms in February. But only bills from a contiguous 48 hour period would be considered. He advised that the bill for $6357.89 would be the Town's submittal, but the other bill for $4287.35 was also submitted in case FEMA changed the requirement.

Mayor Hull advised that a quote from Huntzberry Brothers for repaving Mt. Vernon Dr. was received. Mr. Walton agreed that repaving was needed.

Bids for mowing the parks and Town Hall were discussed. Due to lack of quorum, it was decided that the final decision would be tabled until a quorum could be gathered. In the interim Evergreen Lawn Service would mow the areas.

The lawn treatment of the parks by Antietam Tree & Turf was discussed. A decision was tabled until a quorum could be gathered.

The following donation requests were discussed: Walk for Lupus, The Keedysville Day Camp, Nick Adenhart 5K Run and Muscular Distrophy.

Mr. Bishop asked when the budget needed to be approved. Mayor Hull advised at the June Council Meeting.

The revised Water Budget to satisfy the Bond Counsel was discussed.

The Tax Set-Off notice from Washington County for 2010 was presented to the Council by Mr. Bishop. Washington County Commissioner Kristin Aleshire discussed the change from the Tax Rebate method of calculation to the Tax Differential method.

Mr. Bishop advised that there is a potential grant for $5000.00 available to the Town from the Maryland Energy Administration for qualified energy related improvements to Town structures.

Mike Telemeco and David Bajuscak, the HOA President and Vice President of Cannon Ridge, respectively, had three requests. They requested permission and partial funding for six speed bumps. They were requesting three for Sumter Dr. and three for Yankee Dr. They cited speeders, clocked by an off duty officer and also vehicles running stop signs. They also requested an increased police presence particularly during morning and afternoon school bus runs. Lastly, they asked when street sweeping would take place. Mayor Hull informed that it would take place after the bulk pick-up. Also they requested set screws to replace a street sign.

Tim Burtner renewed his request to have the Burtner properties released from the Town into the County, because of the difficulty and expense to connect to the Town Water.

Mr. Bajuscak asked about when the Water Tower construction might begin and who would have liability for any damage caused by blasting that might occur. He was told by Mayor Hull that as of now there was no definite date for construction to begin and that any blasting needed would be kept to a minimum and the company doing the blasting would have plenty of liability coverage.

Commissioner Aleshire reported that the Washington County Budget is stable even though revenues are down. The Commissioners are spending wisely. The County has a good reserve fund and is thereby able to get low interest rates for projects that they might seek funding for.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator