Keedysville Town Council

December 6, 2010

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:03 pm with the following members present: Mayor Matt Hull, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Member Victoria Gudeman and Town Administrator Rick Bishop. Council Member Rob Smith arrived at 7:30.

Minutes from November 1, 2010 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $196,809.64.

Refuse Collection bids were reviewed and discussed. Council Member Gudeman made a motion to accept the bid from Apple Valley Waste. Assistant Mayor Levey seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The firearms ordinance was discussed. It was decided to add exceptions to the ordinance in order to limit the scope of the ordinance. One exception mentioned was spring or air powered weapons used under the supervision of an adult. Mayor Hull would contact the Town Attorney about the ordinance.

It was noted that the appeals process for the proposed Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) was ongoing.

The Energy Grant from the Maryland Energy Administration was discussed. It was noted that replacement of the windows would be approximately $3000.00 per window. It was agreed that this was cost prohibitive. The possibility of using the grant to replace the heat pump at the library would be explored.

Stemming from the many conversations about responsibility for snow removal from Mt. Hebron Rd., a copy of the deed showing Washington County as the owner of the road was provided by Assistant Mayor Levey and was presented to the Council.

The Mayor & Council meeting scheduled for Monday, July 4th will be held on Tuesday, July 5th. The meeting scheduled for Monday, September 5th will be held on Tuesday, September 6th.

Mulching of the gardens behind Town Hall was discussed. It was decided to contact Sunny Meadows to obtain an estimate. Karen Gardiner would also be contacted to see if she had a plan for the gardens.

The replacement of street lights by Allegheny Power was discussed. Among the concerns raised were the lights that shine into the windows of residences. Shields on the lights were noted as a possible solution. It was noted that there is time to make a decision.

A request for a donation to a scholarship fund at the University System of Maryland was presented. No motion was made.

Mayor Hull discussed a procurement policy in general and as it pertained to replacing the vandalized mortar shells in the park, in particular. No decision was made on a general procurement policy, but the Council agreed to have Mayor Hull find someone to replace the mortars.

Resident Don Wiegel asked for the Mayor & Council to adopt a resolution noting the exceptional service provided by the Keedysville Post Office and the Keedysville Branch of the Washington County Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator