Keedysville Town Council

August 6, 2012

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00 pm with the following members present: Mayor Matt Hull, Council Members Victoria Gudeman and Gina Ellis and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes from July 2, 2012 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $353,500.73.

Mayor Hull noted that street sweeping would take place on August 8th and that the Mayor & Council meeting for September would be on Tuesday, September 4th because of the Labor Day holiday.

The dedication of the ball field was discussed. Because the Ruritan Club had cancelled their festival, new arrangements would need to be made regarding the dedication. Ms. Ellis would find a date that would be feasible.

Ms. Gudeman gave an update on the cistern restoration. She said half of the north wall re-pointing work was done. Six metal rails would need to be purchased for $70.00 each. The concrete balls on the column caps are cracked. Concrete forms will be made to reproduce the balls. The columns in the front are cracked and will be glued and switched with the columns in the back. She asked about payment for the mason's time and the Mayor said to have him submit an invoice.

Larry Matson spoke about his property along Rt. 34. He said that he would be planting trees on the property, thereby moving the Town closer to its WIP goals. He asked for some sort of financial consideration from the Town to reflect the costs that would otherwise be incurred by the Town to realize the same gains toward the WIP goals. The matter would be investigated.

Ms. Ellis volunteered to be the Town's representative to the Old School Board.

Mary Robertson agreed to continue being the Town's representative to the Community Outreach Committee.

Planning Commission Chairman Randy Burns said that the Planning Commission wanted the Mayor & Council to re-appoint Don Weigel to the Planning Commission. Ms. Gudeman made a motion to re-appoint Mr. Weigel. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The trash can by the parking lot at the center of town has not been being emptied. Mr. Bishop said that he would contact Apple Valley Waste to ensure that the can would be emptied in the future.

Ms. Gudeman asked about the care for the landscaping at the parking lot. Mr. Bishop said that it was not included in the mowing contracts. He would had asked the contractor to remove and spray the weeds in the area.

The Williamsport WIP fund raiser at the river bottom was discussed. The Mayor & Council declined to participate.

Ms. Gudeman made a motion to donate $1000.00 to the Sharpsburg EMS. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Gudeman made a motion to donate $200.00 to the Special Olympics in Sheriff Doug Mullendore's name. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Tom Clemens asked for a donation for the Wounded Warrior's Luncheon. Ms. Gudeman made a motion to donate $150.00 for purchase of chicken and drinks from the Red Byrd. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46p.m.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator