Keedysville Town Council

October 1, 2012

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:03 pm with the following members present: Mayor Matt Hull, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Members Richard Walton and Gina Ellis and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes from September 4, 2012 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $340,558.42.

Mayor Hull noted the announcements on the agenda.

Mayor Hull thanked Gina Ellis for her work organizing the Brandenburg Field Dedication.

Bob Watkins gave an update on the monument repairs.

Mr. Bishop informed the Mayor & Council that the Stonecrest sub-division would be mowed.

Mayor Hull told the Council that the two remaining ponds in Cannon Ridge were in condition to be accepted in to the town. When paperwork was received from Dan Ryan Builders, the process would move forward.

The Mayor noted that we were waiting on the Cannon Ridge HOA regarding the speed bumps.

Patricia Martin spoke to the Mayor & Council regarding the Work Camp 2013 and asked for their support. The Mayor & Council agreed to help by assisting in notifying the community about the project.

Ms. Ellis made a motion to donate $200.00 to the Boonsboro High School Warriors football team. Mr. Levey seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Levey made a motion to donate $100.00 to the Keedysville Library for it's Halloween party. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Hull spoke about getting a permanent trash receptacle for Brandenburg Field. It would cost about $500.00. Ms. Ellis said that her husband, Eric, had made trash receptacles for Fairview Cemetery for a much lower cost. She would see if he would be willing to make one for the ballpark.

Mayor Hull spoke about sealing cracks in the streets throughout the town.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator