Keedysville Town Council

September 3, 2013

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00 pm with the following members present: Mayor Matt Hull, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Members Victoria Gudeman and Gina Ellis and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes from August 5, 2013 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $390,201.39.

The placement of security cameras in Taylor Park was discussed. Mayor Hull noted the meeting with Mike Kovac of Tactical Solutions regarding cameras they sell. Mr. Levey noted the possibility he could see the Town of Hancock's security cameras in use.

Ms. Gudeman discussed the possibility of power washing the bleachers at Brandenburg field.

Mayor Hull read a letter, from Washington County, requesting a temporary construction easement for town property adjoin the bridge over the Little Antietam on Coffman Farms Rd. Mayor Hull suggested that the Town waive the fee because the County will be doing a bore under the creek in which to place the Town waterline currently in the road bed of the bridge. Mr. Levey made a motion to waive the fee. Ms. Gudeman seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Bishop noted the MD Dept. of Transportations' Capital Program Tour meeting. He suggested that it might be a good idea for a representative of Keedysville to attend.

Ms. Ellis asked about the Town's junk vehicle ordinance. She noted two vehicles sitting untagged at the parking lot by the rail bed on Main St.

Ms. Ellis asked whether the speed hump warning signs had been delivered.

Celia Telemeco and her dad, Mike, asked the Mayor & Council for a donation to defray costs for Cecelia to participate in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade. Mr. Levey made a motion to donate $400. Ms. Gudeman seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Hull noted a meeting Representative John Delaney had with local Mayors. Mayor Hull noted that Rep. Delaney came across in a positive light and Mayor Hull was impressed with him.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35p.m.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator