Keedysville Town Council

June 6, 2016

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00pm with the following members present: Mayor Matt Hull, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Members Gina Ellis and Ken Lord and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes from May, 2016 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $343,405.52

Ms. Ellis noted the dedication ceremony scheduled for June 18 at 2:00pm in Taylor Park. She said that the Rohrersville Band would be playing and the Keedysville Ruritan Club would be having an ice cream social. She said that a new plaque and tree in honor of former Keedysville Mayor Ralph Taylor would be dedicated and a tree previously place in honor of former Keedysville Mayor Rome Schwagel would be rededicated.

Due to the holidays, the July Mayor and Council meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, July 5th and the September meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, September 6th.

Mr. Levey made a motion to put out to bid a project to mill and pave Mallard Lane. Mr. Lord seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Lord asked whether or not consideration had been given to sealing cul-de-sacs in Cannon Ridge. He was told no.

The budget for FY 2017 was introduced.

Mr. Lord noted the two vacant positions on the Council and requested that interested residents submit a one page statement noting their qualifications and why they would like to serve as Council Member.

Mr. Dennis Weaver, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Washington County, swore in Ken Lord as Mayor and Gina Ellis as Council Member. Former Mayor Hull stepped down and Mayor Lord then presided over the meeting.

Mr. Levey asked if a letter had been sent to SHA stating that the town was in favor of installing the infrastructure for pedestrian lighting as part of the Main St. project. He was told the letter had been sent.

Terry Tomson spoke about two issues with the construction at Stonecrest. He asked whether sapling tree stumps would be removed and asked why the cement truck cleaning pond was placed where it was. He was told that the questions would be forwarded to Dan Ryan representatives.

Don Weigel noted a Ruritan poster that he found that he would be donating to the Keedysville Historical Society.

Philip Post stated that he felt that it was important to hold Dan Ryan to all of the "written and unwritten rules" of Keedysville.

Matthew Rhoades expressed interest in getting involved with Keedysville and asked how he could apply for one of the vacant council positions. Mayor Lord said he would have Mr. Bishop get in contact with him.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52p.m.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator