Keedysville Town Council

October 3, 2016

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00pm with the following members present: Mayor Ken Lord, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Members Gina Ellis, Judy Kerns and David Bajuscak and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes from September, 2016 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $431,501.36

Mayor Lord noted the announcements as listed.

Mr. Levey noted a meeting with Town Attorney Ed Kuczynski regarding the easement for the bridge to the water treatment plan. He said Mr. Kuczynski noted the Town may neither grant nor deny access across the easement.

There was discussion regarding the need for a railing along the back side of the sidewalk between 10/14 No. Main St. and 20 No. Main St. Two options discussed were the plans by SHA installing railing as part of the Main St. rehab project and the Town installing a railing and billing the property owner.

Ms. Kerns presented a letter she wished to send from the Mayor & Council to the Washington County Library requesting to change the hours of operation at the Keedysville Library on Wednesday's from 3-7 pm to 1-5 pm. Mr. Levey made a motion to send the letter. Mr. Bajuscak seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Bishop noted a decision needed to be made whether to have a private contractor or Potomac Edison install the pedestrian lighting as part of the SHA Main St. rehab project. He noted the costs of the lease agreement with Potomac Edison would far outweigh the costs of hiring a private contractor to do the installation.

Mr. Bishop said Washington County would be sending someone to look at the intersection of Bedrock Lane and Columbine Drive regarding a guardrail around the drainage culvert.

Mr. Bishop said signs for the Town owned streets had been ordered. He also noted a conversation he had with SHA regarding street name signs along Main St. He said he was told SHA would replace those missing signs.

Mayor Lord thanked Ms. Ellis for spearheading a project to hang pink ribbons around Town for breast cancer awareness. Ms. Ellis encouraged all to support the research into a cure for the disease.

Mr. Bishop noted Eric Ellis would be doing maintenance work on the bathrooms in the park.

Mr. Bishop noted a conversation with Danny Garling regarding work on the stone wall in Taylor Park. He said Mr. Garling gave a rough estimate of $40,000 for the work.

Ms. Ellis asked about the historic sign for the Hess Bridge on Coffman Farms Rd.

Mayor Lord said he would be meeting with County Commissioner Wayne Keefer. Mr. Lord asked if there were requests he could share with Mr. Keefer. Ms. Ellis noted the Keedysville Community Center was in need of a new heating system.

Ms. Kerns made a motion to donate $1,000 to each of the four local rescue and fire companies- Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Company, Sharpsburg Area EMS, Boonsboro Ambulance & Rescue Sevices, Inc and First Hose Company of Boonsboro, Inc.. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Lord, David Bajuscak and Judy Kerns will ride in the Mummer's Parade.

Mr. Bishop noted the need to engage an engineer to represent the Town and review the bond release requests from Dan Ryan for the Stonecrest project.

Mr. Levey noted the need to have a plat showing the utility lines in Taylor Park.

Mr. Bajuscak said he believed the Town should have a memorial for the war on terrorism.

Ms. Kerns the McClellan Gun Club was very pleased with the success of the Washington County MML dinner and meeting hosted by the Town in September. Mayor Lord said the Town was very pleased with the job the gun club did.

Phillip Post said he believed any for-profit organization that is operating in Keedysville must be required to adhere to all laws in their operations and the Town should not show any prejudice, either for or against them.

Randy Burns noted the Rurtian Basket Bingo on Saturday, October 6th, the CROP Walk fundraiser on Sunday, October 7th and a Quarter Auction on October 15th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:13p.m.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator