Keedysville Town Council

April 2, 2018

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00pm with the following members present: Mayor Ken Lord, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Members Gina Ellis and Judy Kerns and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

The minutes for March, 2018 were read and approved.

General Fund report was $344,808.51

Mayor Lord noted the announcements listed on the agenda.

Dave Mitchell from AMT & Associates, the Main St. project engineer and Devin Miller, the Area Engineer from SHA's District 6 spoke about the upcoming start of the project. Mr. Mitchell said that the Notice To Proceed date should be given to the Congressional Contracting soon and that the project will begin at the south end of Main Street. Mr. Mitchell discussed the need to have the contractor produce sample brick sidewalk, stone sidewalk and stonewall as part of the contract. He suggested that the two sidewalk samples be placed in front of Town Hall. It was also suggested that the stonewall sample could be incorporated into the new Keedysville sign on the south end of town. He noted that the stonewall sample would have one design on one side and a different design on the other side. The size of the wall can be negotiated depending on the desire of the town. Mr. Miller said that construction will occur in 1,000' sections only. He added there might be a small amount of leapfrogging to keep the project moving. Mr. Miller noted that an SHA contractor, Seismic Surveys, will be in town soon to survey the properties along Main St. to protect homeowners from any possible damage to their properties. He said that the workers approaching homeowners will have proper identification.

Linda Irvin Craig from Children's Village spoke about their program. She said that each year they provide safety education for every second grader in Washington County. She said that in September they have a fundraiser called Celebrity Breakfast and suggested that the town could sponsor a table for the breakfast. Ms. Kerns said that the program is very good and that they should be supported any way possible.

Deb Luksa spoke about the Mayor & Council's decision to suspend dog walking at Brandenburg Field. She said the ballfield looks amazing and suggested that the grassy area to the right could be used for dog walking. She added that the sign recently posted stating the suspension has been very effective. She suggested that the field might be closed at dark. She said that signage might be put in place stating that pet owners not picking up after their pets would not be allowed to use the field. Michael Luksa said that there has always been a lot of respect between the ball clubs using the field and pet owners. Ms. Kerns asked how many different pet owners were using the field. She was told maybe 10 families walked their pets there. Matt Hull suggested that a dog walking area might be placed in the field next to the library. Mr. Bishop noted that that field would be used for the 250th Anniversary Celebration. Ms. Kerns suggested that another possibility might be the railbed from the ball park to Rt. 34.

Mr. Levey discussed the design for the Keedysville signs. He presented a design developed by Stu Mullendore from HBP. There was discussion about the style, color, the mounts and locations. Mr. Levey asked the Council to pick a color for the sign. They said blue. The Council said that they would like to use the wall offered by SHA.

Ms. Kerns asked if anything had been heard about the town flag. Mayor Lord said design was ongoing.

Ms. Kerns discussed the 250th Anniversary Celebration. She said that the committee has been working very hard on plans. She said the slogan for the celebration is "Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring Our Future." She said the grant for the walking tour has been submitted. She said that celebration will be a one-day event on Saturday, September 29. She said that resident's have been contacted about sharing historical information about their properties. She discussed the schedule of activities which included, music, food, historical talks among many other things. She said that at 2:00pm there will be presentations, recognition of Keedy family descendants and at 2:50 the local churches will ring their bells. She said manpower will be needed to move benches and chairs.

Mr. Bishop noted that the park pavilion roofs have been completed.

Mr. Bishop said that Wise Appraisals had not yet submitted an appraisal for 15 So. Main St.

Mr. Bishop noted the highlights from the pre-construction meeting for the SHA Main St. project.

Mayor Lord noted the possibility of the Town hiring an engineer to review the Main St. project for the Town. It was noted that a scope of work would need to be created. Prices for an engineer would be sought.

Mr. Bishop asked the Council to provide a list of issues to be addressed for the maintenance of Town Hall. Estimates would be sought to paint the top of the building and to refinish the front door.

Mr. Levey made a motion to donate $100.00 to the Ruritan Strawberry Festival. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Lord noted that he had recently had a request for a donation for a child's trip. He said he believed that a policy needs to be developed limiting donations to service organizations.

Mayor Lord noted that the Legislative committee of the MML worked hard to get the Maryland Legislature to Highway User Revenues. He said that a good portion of revenues were restored by the legislature. He also asked that the Council members send a thank you note to the delegation. A sample note was provided.

Matt Hull asked that repairs be made to the pedestrian lighting in the park. It was suggested to replace bulbs with LED bulbs.

Rob Smith noted that many resident's park on sidewalks. Mayor Lord noted that with the Main Street project will alleviate this problem.

Linda Smith noted that with the increased use of the ballfield and the Main Street project parking on the railbed lot could become a problem.

Meeting adjourned at 8:49pm.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator