Keedysville Town Council

June 6, 2018

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was called to order at 7:00pm with the following members present: Mayor Ken Lord, Assistant Mayor Barry Levey, Council Members Gina Ellis, and Matt Hull and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

The minutes for May, 2018 were read and approved.

General Fund report was $328,731.50.

The minutes for the May 23, 2018 Sign Workshop meeting were read and approved.

Mayor Lord noted the announcements listed on the agenda.

Mayor Lord said that he reached out to Ms. Giffin about the purchase of the property at 15 So. Main St. She did not answer. Mr. Hull suggested that the situation not be rushed.

Mayor Lord said that resident Laura Oates will be designing a 250th Anniversary logo for the town.

Dian Thomson gave an update on the preparations for the anniversary celebration. She said the walking tour brochure was moving along. She also noted that Hub City Car Club will display their cars, Clayton & Linda Waring, owners of the Geeting House, will open their house for tours and Sue Gemeny had arranged for shuttle bus service. She said that First Energy will donate $1,500 to the Keedysville Historical Society which will be used to help defray costs. Lastly, she said that they are looking for volunteers to help set up and tear down.

Mayor Lord noted that the design for the town signs was agreed on, but locations are to be decided. Mr. Hull suggested that SHA be contacted to see if placing a guardrail in front of the sign on the north end of town would lessen the restrictions.

A FY2019 budget was introduced. Mr. Levey made a motion to move forward with the budget ordinance, as is. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Maintenance for Town Hall was discussed. Mr. Bishop said that he is trying to find contractors for two separate jobs-to refinish the front doors and to paint the metalwork around the top of the building.

Mr. Bishop noted the tree that fell behind Town Hall. The tree had been removed and the stump will be removed.

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, the July Mayor & Council meeting will need to be reschedule. A date will be decided.

Mr. Levey made a motion to donate $500.00 to Fairview Cemetery. Mr. Hull seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Hull made a motion to donate the chicken for the Wounded Warrior luncheon. Mr. Levey seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Carl French asked when the streetscape project would be starting. Mr. Bishop said the contractor said two weeks.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator