Keedysville Town Council

June 1, 2009

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was opened with the following members present: Mayor Hull, Asst. Mayor Levey, council members Rob Smith, Richard Walton and Town Administrator Simmons.

Minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer's report was as follows: $127,256.12

Parks & Playgrounds project still reviewing bids should be wrapped up by Monday 6/8.

Planning & Zoning Chairman Tim Robertson presented Rick Bishop to the Mayor and Council as candidate to fill a newly vacant seat on the P&Z board. Barry Levey made a motion and Richard Walton 2nd to appoint Mr. Bishop to the P&Z Board for a 5 year term. All agreed, motion passed.

Jim Dorsey from Dan Ryan Builders was present to request that the M&C of Keedysville reduce the current bond on Cannon Ridge from 300,000 down to 50,000. After much discussion and a review of all complete work as well as outstanding punch list Barry Levey made a motion to grant bond reduction down to 50,000. Rob Smith 2nd motion, all agreed motion passed.

A few residents were on hand to continue to explore the option of amending the Livestock Law i0n Keedysville to allow for the raising of chickens. Mayor Hull and Asst. Mayor Levey would like to continue seeking legal council from Town Attorney, while resident Marci Jastrab advised she would try to gather some documentation on ordinances from other towns and cities.

A draft of FY 2010 Budget was reviewed, with discussion among Mayor and Council. Budget would be approved at next month's meeting.

No further business to discuss.

Amy Simmons
Town Clerk