Keedysville Town Council

March 3, 2008

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was opened with the following members present: Mayor Hull, Asst Mayor Levey, Council Members, Brumage, Robertson, Walton and Town Administrator Simmons.

Minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer's report was as follows: $333,332.43

Mayor Hull made and announcement that the WCBOE voted to drop the J-9 proposal for the redistricting of Keedysville children. As of this months meeting the children of Keedysville will continue to attend Boonsboro Elementary.

More discussion was held regarding the possibility of a real estate tax increase; updated figures were presented with YTD income and expenses. All agreed that issue should be tabled till next month when figures could be looked at more closely. An additional workshop will be held Monday the 10th of March at 7:30.

The Town of Keedysville has been given the opportunity to purchase the bank from current owner Fonda Ghiardi. The Town has had the building appraised and the figure came in at 225,000. That was also the asking price. The property may qualify for some POS funds for the land only which appraise at 91,000. A motion was made by Barry Levey to move forward on the purchase of the bank and request an option to purchase the property for 225,000 for 30 days, allowing the Town time to complete paperwork. In consideration for doing this the Town would in turn offer Fonda $1,000. Richard 2nd the motion, and all agreed.

Mowing bids for the upcoming year were opened and reviewed, 2 bids were received. 1 from Evergreen Lawn Care, last year's provider and a bid was also received from Hoff-Hoff Lawn Care. After review a motion was made by David Brumage and 2nd by Richard Walton to accept bid from Evergreen Lawn Care, all agreed motion passed.

A quote was received from the Wash. Co. Sheriff's Department for a new radar unit for Dep. Ken Cain; the Town discussed the possibility of purchasing the unit for Dep. Cain. After some debate a motion was made by David Brumage and 2nd by Richard Walton to purchase unit from the Contracted Police Patrol fund, which currently has excess of 17,000.

No further business to discuss.

Amy Simmons
Town Clerk