Keedysville Town Council

October 8 2009

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Town Council was opened with the following members present: Mayor Hull, Asst. Mayor Levey, council members David Brumage, Rob Smith, Richard Walton and Town Administrator Simmons.

Minutes were read and approved.

The treasurer's report was as follows: $145,781.74

The Land Development Fee resolution was introduced to increase fee from $6850 to $10,000. A motion was made by David Brumage and 2nd by Barry Levey to amend current ordinance to increase fee. All agreed motion passed. Town resident Shannon French went on the record to request that the Mayor and Council put some extra thought to placing a stay or not raising the fee for properties located in Keedysville that have been a part of the land of Record in the 1990's.

A debt policy was introduced and read, a motion was made by Richard Walton and 2nd by Rob Smith to adopt new Debt Policy mandated by the State Treasurer's Office. All agreed motion passed.

Jim Dorsey was present to request a reduction in bond for Cannon Ridge East and a Bond release for Cannon Ridge. A motion was made by Barry Levey to grant a release for Cannon Ridge and reduce the bond for Cannon Ridge East to $50,000. David Brumage 2nd the motion all agreed and motion passed.

A request for a road dedication was tabled till November, pending attorney review.

Snow bids were opened and reviewed, a motion was made by Barry Levey and 2nd by Richard Walton to continue with service provided by Willow Run Farm and Landscaping. All agreed motion passed.

Several citizens were present to voice concern regarding the speed of vehicles that use Mt. Vernon Drive, a request was made for placement of 2 speed limit signs that state 20 MPH as well as a few speed bumps. Barry Levey advised he would try to contact the County and clarify who is responsible to the roadway.

No further business to discuss. Meeting adjourned.

Amy Simmons
Town Administrator