Keedysville Planning and Zoning

March 8, 2010

Attending members: Tim Robertson, Randy Burns, Don Weigel and Matt Hull.

Also attending: : Mary Robertson, Catherine & Richard Parks, Frank Bond (Kettler Bro.), Fred Slick, and Brian & Linda Smith

The minutes from February's meeting were read and approved.

Old Business: The Committee is still looking for a new member to serve on the committee.

The Comprehensive Plan will need an extension beyond April 1. Following April's meeting, there will be a continuation of this month's Public Hearing.

Fred Slick, 23 Bedrock Lane, was present to let the Committee know that he wants his current permit to encompass 2 building permits a). pavilion, and b). pool with a fence. He had more details for the Committee, and there will be no blasting. Once the excavator shows proof of a license in MD, he can be granted a permit.

Frank Bond was present at this meeting to ask for an extension on Kettler Brother's project's preliminary approval. Tim made a motion to extend the project's preliminary approval for one year to be in line with the county's policy. Don seconded. All agreed.

New Business: Brian and Linda Smith, 29 South Main Street, were present to request a permit to split the house into 2 rental units. There would be no exterior changes, only interior kitchen, 2nd bathroom, identified as 29A and 29B. It would look like a family home. The Zoning is approved for Town Residential. The units would be a 2-3 bedroom unit and a 1 bedroom unit. They will need a Special Exception according to Section 305 A7 of the Town Zoning Ordinances. Tim will let Rick Bishop know to set up the hearing.

FYI, Phil Rhoderick purchased the property on South Main Street with the silver trailer on it. The property is two separate building lots. This is just informational for when he applies for building permits.

The Burtner's provided a new plat that shows a change in property boundaries. Committee tabled this due to lack of information.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Following this meeting, there was a Public Hearing for the new Comprehensive Plan. This meeting was recorded and is on file in Town Hall.