< Keedysville, MD - Town Council

Keedysville Planning and Zoning

March 14, 2011 7PM

Attending members: Tim Robertson, Don Weigel, Dave Bajuscak, Randy Burns and Matt Hull

Also attending: Mary Robertson, Eric Justice, Rick Bishop, Shannon French

The minutes from February's meeting were read and approved.

Old Business: Rick Bishop was present to discuss the new FEMA flood plain map. He met with FEMA representatives and map over layers on how the new map was created. They were made aware of Planning and Zoning comments concerning the dry stream bed, boundaries, and the water treatment plant and pumping station. Rick learned that the stream was decertified due to the area size.

New Business: Eric Justice, 41 N. Main Street, wants a permit for a 17' x 33', in ground, backyard swimming pool. His property is located in the historic district. Discussion was held regarding a hydro pool kit, neighbor Don Weigel, Mr. Justice's excavating license in Virginia and no bond, no blasting is to be done, 2 ' to 3' excavating, no footers, inline with Eric Ellis' pool (on the other side of Don's property), and retaining wall on the one side. Don has recused himself from voting. The county is to mark the sewer. Water and electric is located in the front yard. There will be a fence surrounding the pool according to Maryland law. He will be using a backhoe and it will be a slow dig. The Committee will recommend that Rick issue the permit provided that utilities are marked and that plans are show for a fence.

Discussion was held regarding the auction sign on Rt. 34 and Coffman Farms Road. Rick will check this out. It is located on Maryland State property.

Matt reported that one of the Rockingham storm water ponds (the big one in the back) has trees growing out of it. The easement to this pond will need to be kept clear and a culvert pipe is needed to support equipment.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 pm.