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Keedysville Planning and Zoning

October 9, 2017 7PM

Attending members: Randy Burns, Sarah Baker, Matt Rhoads & Greg Carroll.

Also attending: Rick Bishop.

The minutes from September ,2017 were read and approved.

Mr. Bishop informed the Commission that Elinor Houghton Kelly, the owner of 18 So. Main St. withdrew her request for a Board of Zoning Appeals hearing to change the use of the property from a single-family dwelling to a multi-family dwelling.

The Commission decided, due to lack of regular business to move the regular meeting schedule from monthly meetings to quarterly meetings. They agreed that interim meetings would be held, as necessary, with a minimum of 7 days-notice to the public. They also agreed that no more than one meeting would be held in any month. Ms. Baker made a motion to adopt this. Mr. Carroll seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Katrina Wilson and Jason Saling were present to express concerns about what the SHA project has intended for the stone walls in front of their properties. Mr. Bishop said he would liaise between them and SHA to get them an answer.

The meeting adjourned at 7:18pm.