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Keedysville Planning and Zoning

April 9, 2018 7PM

Attending members: Randy Burns, Sarah Baker & Matt Rhoads.

Also attending: Rick Bishop

The minutes from January, 2018 were read and approved.

Mr. Bishop gave an update on the purchase of the property at 15 South Main Street.

David Griffith was present to discuss changing his three properties at the end of Antietam Drive into two properties. Mr. Bishop said that he would need to get a variance because the minimum lot width for a property zoned TR is 80 feet. Fees for the variance and the subdivision processes were discussed.

Mr. Bishop noted the jewelry robbery by scammers that happened on Keedy Drive. He added that Seismic Surveys, an SHA contractor for the streetscape project is going door to door to inspect homes to document the current condition of the homes so that in case any damage is done during the project, there will be video proof. He said that there was concerns about the scammers and the legitimate contractor being in Town at the same time. He went on to give an update of the project.

Carl French questioned two fences in Town. He noted a fence made of palettes. He was told it is not a permanent fence so the zoning ordinance did not cover it. Mr. French asked if a permit was obtained for the fence at 65 North Main Street. He was told that it was.

The meeting adjourned at 7:28pm.