Keedysville Planning and Zoning

February 9, 2009 7:00 P.M.

Attending members: Tim Robertson, Don Weigel, Randy Burns, and Matt Hull

Also attending: Mary Robertson, Catherine Parks and Frank Bond

The minutes from January's meeting were read and approved.

Old Business: Tim has still not heard if Dave Haupt has a permit for construction behind his house. He will contact Amy again to find out.

Frank Bond was present to ask for another extension for preliminary approval for the Kettler development. Discussion was held regarding the dead real estate market, tough economic times, laid off employees, value of land plummeting. Mr. Bond states that he would like to wait this out. Attention will need to be paid to the allotment of future water taps. They are reserved now, but if this expires, the assigned number becomes available to the next applicants. Don made a motion to extend the preliminary approval for 1 year due to these extraordinary times. Tim seconded. All agreed. The motion carried.

New Business: Maryland Citizen Planners has sent a letter for 2009 membership. This is a good resource for our Town. Tim will ask Amy to put our members on the application and forward it to Maryland Citizen Planners.

Tim has called Tony Crist to find out his interest in continuing his serving on this Committee. He has been unable to attend less than 50% of any scheduled meetings. Tim has called him twice within the last year to find out his intentions. Discussion was held regarding Tony's family commitments and conflicts in his schedule. It was generally agreed that he should resign if he cannot effectively serve. The Committee will revisit this issue during next month's meeting.

Tim was nominated to chair this Committee for the coming year.

Barry Levey had a proposal before this Committee for a water transfer station at the library. It would be used to sell water to businesses that need to fill their tankers. This type of business doesn't fit any criteria in our ordinances for this zoning area. Tim made a motion to deny the application due to 305 section C of our Zoning Ordinances. Randy seconded. Don abstained. The Town will need a hearing for a special exception. Tim will give this information to Amy.

The meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM

Following the meeting, Planning and Zoning continued reviewing changes to the Comprehensive Plan with Catherine Parks from Arro.