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Keedysville Water Commission

February 3, 2014

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Water Commission was called to order at 7:45pm, with the following members present: Commission Chairman Barry Levey, Commission Members Matt Hull, Richard Walton, Victoria Gudeman and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes for January 6, 2014 were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $171,511.01.

Mr. Levey gave an update on the work at the spring house.

Mr. Levey discussed the freeze ups in the lines in a number of meter crocks. He said that the Boonsboro staff has been dealing with these.

Mr. Hull discussed the possible lease with Verizon to install cell phone antennas on the water tower. He said he had spoken with Ed Kuczynski and asked him to deal directly with Verizon to work out the details.

Mr. Levey noted the upcoming meeting of the BKRWB on February 19 at 6:30.

Ms. Gudeman asked about freezing issues at the water tower. So far, it has been okay. Some possible solutions would be to add insulation around the access hatch or to install an air dam at the door.

Mr. Levey noted that we will continue with meter replacements in the spring, with the intention of procuring that service from Boonsboro.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00p.m.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator