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Keedysville Water Commission

February 6, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Keedysville Water Commission was called to order at 8:05pm, with the following members present: Commission Chairman Barry Levey, Commission Members Ken Lord, Gina Ellis, Judy Kerns and David Bajuscak and Town Administrator Rick Bishop.

Minutes for January, 2017were read and approved.

General Fund Report was $47,821.06.

Mr. Levey discussed the need for a change in the heating system for the bell of the water tank. Mr. Bajuscak made a motion to allot $1,800.00 for design of an upgrade to the heating system for the bell. Ms. Ellis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Levey noted the ongoing leak detection of the Keedysville system by the Boonsboro staff, using the correlator jointly purchased by both Towns. It was noted that so far, the staff had found two leaking hydrants. They would be repaired, along with any other leaks that were discovered, after the leak detection of Keedysville was completed.

Mr. Levey noted that he is going to work on preparing a water map of Keedysville.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Richard Bishop
Town Administrator