Help Keedysville become a Sustainable Communities designated town. Share your opinions about the Town today.

The Town of Keedysville is working with Maryland Rural Development Corporation (MRDC) to pursue becoming a Sustainable Community Designated town. By earning this designation our community will become eligible for new state-funded opportunities. One of which is the Community Legacy program which many other communities have used to help fund and create a Façade program to aid property owners with improvements to the exterior of their homes. Click here to see more benefits of the program.

The first step in this designation process will be gathering community input on the 6 areas of focus:
Transportation, Housing, Economy, Environment, Quality of Life, and Town capacity. In the Community Input Packet you will find further descriptions of each of these areas of focus. We are looking for your input on the strengths and weaknesses our town has for as many areas of interest as you can provide input on.

Once completed, you may submit your feedback on the Community Input Packet to our contact at MRDC, Kathyrn Gratton, as she works to compile our application. Her email is Our hope is to collect the information no later than March 31, 2023 so that we can submit out application to the state in April for the next round of applicants. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this process!