Bear spotted on South Main Street

A bear has been spotted by a few residents on South Main Street. The sightings occurred at night.

Below is some information from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), a phone number to call if you are having bear problems, as well as a link to the DNR website.

Black bears are large, strong, wild animals that should be treated with respect. When in bear country you should remain alert. DO NOT approach the bear and DO NOT feed a bear. Bears that associate food with people can become a threat to your safety.

AVOID a bear encounter. When hiking in bear country, stay alert and warn bears of your presence. Make noise (sing, clap, talk aloud, etc.), especially when you are in or near thick cover. Travel in a group when possible. All dogs should always be kept on a leash.

If you should encounter a bear that is not aware of your presence, back away and leave the area. Give the bear plenty of room. If you spot a bear cub, remain alert. The cub’s mother is sure to be near. Again, back away and leave the area.

Should you encounter a bear at close range, speak to the bear in a calm, assertive voice. STAY CALM and don’t run. Remain upright and back away from the bear. Avoid direct eye contact, as the bear may perceive this as a threat. Again, give the bear plenty of room. Don’t crowd the bear’s personal space.

Black bears may exhibit some unique behaviors when they feel their personal space is being threatened. A crowded bear may huff or make a woofing noise at the threat. They may slap swat the ground, pop their jaws, or even bluff charge the perceived threat. When a bear bluff charges, it may stop several yards or just a few feet short of the treat. Remember not to run. Stay calm, remain upright, and back away from the bear.

Bear may also stand upright on their hind legs. This is not a sign of aggression. Bears usually stand upright when they are trying to get a better look at something. Bears rely heavily on their sense of smell and may stand upright to better determine the source of a new scent.

It is important to remember that black bear attacks are extremely rare. By using common sense and good judgment, we can continue to appreciate the natural beauty of these forest animals at a safe distance.

Wildlife Service Offices – Western Maryland

Washington & Frederick Counties

Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area

14038 Blairs Valley Road

Clear Spring, MD 21722


Living with Black Bears


Living with Black Bears

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Watch out for a scam letter notifying residents of overdue taxes and property lien. Click for details.

A letter is going around that indicates a resident owes taxes to the state and threatens the resident with a lien and other financial consequences. This letter is a scam. Do not call the number on the letter. The scam letter and envelope are pictured below. A quick Google search of the letter’s phone number brings up a link to the IRS with information about similar scams. You can access the information on the IRS website by clicking here.

If you ever need to confirm whether or not you owe taxes to the state, you can call the Maryland Comptroller’s Office at 1-800-MDTAXES.

Scam letters received through the mail should be reported to the Postal Inspector at 877-876-2455.