Please do not flush cat litter or wipes. They are causing problems in our sewer system. Keep in mind that most wipes, even if labeled as being flushable, will still cause problems. Click here for more Sewer Grinder Pump information.

There have been issues on the North end of Main Street over the last several months. Please see the Instructions for Use and Care of Your Grinder Pump from Washington County.

Water Issues & Emergencies

If you have an issue with your water service, please contact Boonsboro Town Hall at 301-432-5141 (option 3). If you have an after-hours water emergency, please call 301-745-1475. This phone number sends an emergency page to Boonsboro’s Public Works staff at home. They are not able to answer billing questions. Please only call this number for emergencies.

Sewer Issues & Emergencies

Please contact the Washington County Department of Water Quality at 240-313-2600 for any sewer issues or after hour emergencies. Service technicians are available 24/7. Call immediately if the red light on your sewer grinder pump comes on, and it is advised not to use your water until your sewer grinder pump has been serviced.

Water & Sewer Payments and Billing

Water and sewer services are provided and billed by two separate entities. Water service and billing is provided by the Town of Boonsboro. Sewer service and billing is provided by the Washington County Department of Water Quality. Both services are billed quarterly and based on water usage. Please be sure to send your payments to the appropriate provider. Sending your payment to the wrong provider could cause delays in your payment being received and result in late fees.

Water payments should be sent to Town of Boonsboro, 21 N Main St, Boonsboro, MD 21713. Sewer payments should be sent to Washington County, 100 West Washington St, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

For questions about your water bill, please contact the Town of Boonsboro at 301-432-5141 (option 3). For questions about your sewer bill, please contact Washington County Department of Water Quality at 240-313-2317. 

Know Your Utility Locations

During winter, all residents should consider where some important pieces to the utilities are located on their property. Specifically, everyone should know where their water meter, their sewer grinder pump and their sewer clean out are located and they may want to mark each of them with a stake. Should there be a snow fall that covers these components and one of them malfunctions, having them clearly marked with a stake will enable the utility workers to find and repair the problem more quickly. Please consider taking a few minutes and marking each of these components with a stake. If you have any questions, please contact Keedysville Town Hall at 301-432-5795, Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm.