Trash, Yard Waste, and Recycling Pick-up

Trash pick-up Mondays
Yard Waste pick-up Tuesdays April-December (see guidelines below)
Recycling pick-up Thursdays (see guidelines below)

Please put all items out for pickup the night before. Apple Valley Waste comes very early in the morning! If a pickup day falls on a holiday or there is inclement weather, the items will be picked up the following day.

Yard Waste Guidelines

  • Must be in brown paper biodegradable bags
  • No more than 35 pounds per bag
  • Small shrubs, leaves, grass clippings are allowed.
  • Shrubs/small sticks that do not fit into a bag can’t be any longer than 4 feet, 2 inches in diameter, and must be bundled together
  • Label any cans or bins that may be used as “yard waste”

Recycling Guidelines

Getting Started:

  • Place acceptable recyclables inside the red recycling cart provided by Apple Valley Waste.
  • Place your cart at the curb in front of your house the evening before your collection day.
  • Make sure that all items are free from food debris. Food contaminated products will not be accepted.
  • If your cart is contaminated with unacceptable items it will not be serviced.
  • Any additional recyclables can be placed in clear trash bags and placed beside recycle container marked “recycle”. Do not use your own plastic container to set out recyclables.

Accepted Items

  • Magazines and phone books (catalogs and soft cover books)
  • Newspaper (inserts and brochures)
  • File folders and office paper (all colors)
  • Mail and greeting cards (junk mail and envelopes)
  • Corrugated cardboard (boxes, paper bags and beverage holders, flattened and broken down)
  • Paperboard boxes (cereal, pasta, and tissue)
  • Paper cartons (milk, juice, and egg)
  • Plastic containers (#1 through #7)
  • Metal cans (aluminum, tin, and foil)

Items Not Accepted

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bags
  • Window glass
  • Mirrors
  • Light bulbs
  • Dishes (including pyrex and ceramics)
  • Paper towels and facial tissue
  • Styrofoam
  • PVC
  • Recyclable containers that have not been emptied or rinsed
  • Hazardous materials and medical waste
  • Electronic waste including VCR tapes, CDs, and DVDs
  • Scrap metal
  • Pots or pans