Trash, Yard Waste, and Recycling Pick-up

Pick-up Schedule

Trash, yard waste, and recycling will all be picked up on Wednesdays. Separate trucks will come out to pick up each different type of waste. Please note that yard waste is only picked up April-December. If there is a holiday or inclement weather on the pick-up day, waste will be picked up the following day.

Trash & Recycle Bins

The trash bins are 95 gallons with a black lid. The recycle bins are 65 gallons with a green lid. If you have any overflow, it can be put in an extra personal bin.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is only picked up during the months of April through December. Must be in a brown paper bag or a bin clearly marked “Yard Waste.” Yard waste does not include rocks, mulch, sod, or dirt. Branches must be less than 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter and securely bundled.


Acceptable Recyclable Items
–Magazines and phone books
–Newspaper (inserts and brochures)
–File folders and office paper
–Mail and greeting cards
–Corrugated cardboard
–Paperboard boxes
–Paper cartons
–Plastic containers
–Metal cans

Unacceptable Recyclable Items
–Plastic bags
–Window glass
–Light bulbs
–Paper towels
–Facial tissue
–Recyclables containing food waste
–Hazardous materials
–Needles or medical supplies
–VCR tapes
–CDs or DVDs
–Scrap Metal
–Pots or pans