Serve on a Town Board or Commission

The Town is currently seeking individuals to serve on several of the Town’s Boards/Commissions:

Planning & Zoning Commission Alternates – Meets monthly on 2nd Thursdays at 7pm in Town Hall

Board of Zoning Appeals Member – Meets as needed for Zoning Appeals Hearings (usually once or twice a year)

Green Team Members – Meets monthly on 3rd Thursdays at 7pm in Town Hall

To apply, to go Forms and fill out the appropriate application. The completed application should be submitted to Town Hall at or at 19 S Main St. For more information call Town Hall at 301-432-5795.

Keedysville SR 34 Safety Concerns: Click here to sign the petition today.

Resident Christy Postell has created a petition to give voice to concerns many residents share about the safety of intersections at SR 34 in Keedysville. Her proposal and request is that the heavy traffic intersection of Coffman Farms Road and Shepherdstown Pike be changed to a double line, no passing zone, and that the State would consider additional measures as appropriate to slow traffic. Bonnie Hawker, owner of the Red Byrd, has also seen many bad accidents at Taylor Dr, and asks the State Highway Dept to make it a no passing zone for the same reasons. Keedysville’s Mayor and Council fully support these changes and have been trying to persuade the State for many years. Add your name to the petition today!

Notice of Charter Amendment & De-Annexation of 30.04 acres of land, more or less, formerly known as the Lands of Ronald Milburn

Notice is hereby given by the Mayor and Council of Keedysville, Maryland, a Municipal Corporation, that at a duly constituted meeting of the Legislative Body held on December 1, 2021 pursuant to the requirements of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, the Charter of the Town of Keedysville, Maryland, and the Code of the General Laws of Maryland, the following Resolution was introduced: RESOLUTION TO AMEND THE CHARTER OF THE TOWN OF KEEDYSVILLE, CORPORATE LIMITS, SEC. 4 & APPENDIX, DE-ANNEXATION OF 30.04 ACRES OF LAND, MORE OR LESS, FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE LANDS OF THE RONALD MILBURN. The resolution was passed at a duly constituted meeting of the Legislative Body held on January 5, 2022. The full text of the resolution is available at Town Hall.

Notice is further given that the Amendment proposed by the Legislative Body of the Town of Keedysville, Maryland, to the Town of Keedysville, Maryland, Charter shall become and be considered a part of the Municipal Charter, according to the terms of this Amendment, in all respects be effective and observed as such, upon the 50th day after passage, as set forth above, unless on or before the 40th day after passage there shall be presented to the Mayor and Council (Legislative Body) or mailed to it by registered mail, a Petition for Referendum in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Local Government Article of the Annotated Code of the Public General Laws of the State of Maryland.

Notice regarding Amendment to Code of Ordinances Chapter 14 – Regulating Water Rates and Usage

Notice is hereby given by the Mayor and Council of the Town of Keedysville, Maryland, a Municipal Corporation, existing under and by virtue of the Laws of the State of Maryland that pursuant to and in accordance with the powers contained in the Charter of the Town of Keedysville as adopted and subsequently amended and in accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of the powers vested in the Town under the Annotated Code of Maryland, the said Mayor and Council as the legislative body for the Town, at a duly constituted meeting of the Mayor and Council, on December 1, 2021, passed an Ordinance entitled Chapter 14 – An Amendment to An Ordinance Regulating Water Rates and Usage and Establishing Debt Service Charges for the Mayor and Council for the Town of Keedysville, Maryland, pertaining to certain increases and adjustments in water service and connection rates.

For purposes of economy, the entire Ordinance is on file in Keedysville Town Hall and is incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereto.

The effective date of said Ordinance shall be January 1, 2022.


Beginning on Monday, December 6, Washington County will handle building permits and inspections for the Town of Keedysville. Please click here for details.

Please note that zoning approval from the Keedysville Town Hall is required before getting a building permit from Washington County. Contact Town Hall at, 301-432-5795, or at 19 S Main St in Keedysville for more information.

Once you’ve obtained zoning approval from the Town of Keedysville, visit Washington County’s Permits & Inspections website for permitting information.

They can also be contacted the following ways:

Washington County Administrative Annex
80 West Baltimore Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (240) 313-2460
Fax: (240) 313-2401
TTY users: MD Relay 711

Know Your Utility Locations

During winter, all residents should consider where some important pieces to the utilities are located on their property. Specifically, everyone should know where their water meter, their sewer grinder pump and their sewer clean out are located and they may want to mark each of them with a stake. Should there be a snow fall that covers these components and one of them malfunctions, having them clearly marked with a stake, will enable the utility workers to find and repair the problem more quickly. Please consider taking a few minutes and marking each of these components with a stake. If you have any questions, please contact Keedysville Town Hall Monday-Friday, 8:00am to noon.

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